On demand Air Transport Services - Business Aviation


  • To discern the facts and the specificities of on-demand air transport in general and business aviation in particularr

  • To describe the different existing business models

  • To master the chartering process step by step

  • To understand the aircraft and helicopter manufacturers market

  • To determine the interfaces between business aviation and the airport ecosystem

  • To get familiar with all the stages of a business flight, from its preparation to its achievement

  • To understand the risks of non-regular operations and the means to mitigate them

  • To assimilate the interweaving of the different levels of regulations applicable to business aviation


Staff and management from business aviation or from related domains (regular air transport, airports, logistics, hotels) who are interested to get a better understanding of this domain


Basic knowledge and interest in aviation


  • The context, activities and challenges of on-demand air transport in general and business aviation in particular

  • The different business models related to chartering

  • The market of business aircraft manufacturers and the diversity of their aircraft models

  • The airport ecosystem from a business aviation point of view

  • Flight support and operations as key functions for the preparation and smooth running of on-demand flights

  • Risk management and insurance issues

  • The regulatory framework and its specificities (taxation, registration, traffic rights, social rights, ...)

  • The helicopter market

Teaching methods : Alternation of theoretical knowledge and practical contribution as well as exercices

The strengths of our training

  • Various lecturers with professional skills in business aviation

  • Complete overview of the sector taking into account its multiple dimensions (regulatory, business models, operations, manufacturers, markets)

  • Down-to-earth case study aimed at developing a chartering proposal